EPS Void Fill

EPS geofoam is by far the most practical concrete void fill material available today.  It is lightweight, inexpensive, produced in large blocks, does not deteriorate over time and ships from over a hundred locations nationwide. EPS geofoam is available in densities from less than 1 lb to 3 lbs per cubic foot.  Earth weighs 118 lbs/cf, sand and gravel 120 lbs/cf, crushed stone 167 lbs/cf and top soil 85 lbs/cf. Weighing in at between 1% and 3% of alternate choices it is easy to see why EPS geofoam has become so popular among engineers.

The cost of EPS geofoam, depending upon the density can be just as economical as much heavier fill material but because it comes in block form and does not require any compacting, it often requires less labor to install, reducing site costs. EPS geofoam is available in blocks 48” wide and up to 24’ long in some locations.  Blocks are stacked to create lightweight voids of any thickness.  They are delivered to the site precut, reducing on-site labor costs.

Unlike corrugated void fill products that deteriorate when exposed to heavy moisture over time, EPS geofoam remains stable and does not lose its compression strength. Transportation costs are typically very low for EPS geofoam because it ships from over 100 locations nationwide.  More facilities mean reduced cost, faster delivery and LEED points, when appropriate.